Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK Switzerland
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Sabanci University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Istanbul Turkey
Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Brno Czech Republic
Les Films du Jeudi, Filmproduction, Paris

The New Genres Grid is a standalone virtual world which was created in early 2011, and which is solely dedicated to artistic and learning activity. The domain is a part of the OSGrid/Hypergrid system, (a newly emergent alternative to proprietary worlds such as Second Life®).

If you want to get involved and join as Projectpartner, please contact here.

Spezial thanks for the Ouvroir² collaboration to:

Exosius Woolley for building the 3D Avatar Gaulliaume, Balthasar Truffaut who made a replica of Bar La Jetée Tokyo and the Museum of Design Zurich who invented Ouvroir for Chris Marker 2008.

Intended collaboration: PH FHNW / University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland - Teacher Training University, BBF-Forum GmbH / D- Schleswig, University of Flensburg / mediamobil, University of Flensburg, Institut f. Psychology