About New Genres Grid

NGrid was founded by artists in 2010 as Non-Profit-Organisation. It’s focus is upon creating a virtual world with dignity and design pattern.

This world’s contamination will be in the arts, education and design. Liquid, flummoxed and experimental.

The grid is online since january 2011.

kleinbau® Manifest

kleinbau is an architectural wave, a movement of creators who adore the classical modern style, leaving aside decor and useless components by just reducing the formal output to its pure function.

Therefore we do not waste a single building component to parts of the structure that dont serve the building in its very special needs. Formed in the late parts of the first decade of this millenium we are working hard to build a future that will belong to us completely.

Our building blocks are virtual prims. And every prim is a vector.

Buildings form spaces between people.

Buildings/houses are containers of information and create situations in which people can interact. Each building has a discrete purpose, and this purpose is defined by the demands of its users. It shall be a specific character of virtual buildings to let avatars travel free and fast from point to point.

A successful (virtual) building needs no furniture to fulfill its function. Every part of the structure vectorizes the whole body of the house, so that the subspaces are perfect in their shapes, their sizes as well as their relationships with the whole.

Every kleinbau® creation is made following our strict quality rules that prohibit texture flickering, prim overlap, and prim redundancy.

We explicitely encourage to build with big prims in order to acchive the monumental kleinbau® feeling in our creations."